Sunday, 25 October 2015

uk catfight : electra vs cee cee

uk catfights are among some of the best in the world and this particular fight involving two huge bitchfight catfighters proves it . yes its of of the dramatic and brutal contests between electra and cee cee . these bitchy fueled brawls between these two women are famed worldwide and theres no mercy shown by eiether female as they fight like women possesed . these two women had a natural dislike for other and the verbal comments towards each other often spilled over as they fought . if theres one or two bitchfight catfights you download then the ones between cee cee and electra are the ones . youll find photos to this fight at and this catfight to download in the store with over 200 others at xx

Saturday, 24 October 2015

uk catfight : faith vs justice

uk catfighting does not get better than the day newcomer justice took on seasoned redhead faith in a catfight here at . faith was allready established here at the time and justice was the new girl making a name for herself so when these ladies clashed there was tension in the air from the word go . you could feel there was going to be a hell of a fight as they posed for photos pre fight . both women had a look in there eyes that would kill. from the minute they started it was wild ripping of  the hair and slapping like the devil possesed as they fought in lingerie to a finish . check this fight out in the bitchfight download store at .