Thursday, 12 January 2017

stunning set of drucilla in the Bitchfight gloves

ok wow!! thats the feeling you get when you look through this set of 36 photos of drucilla tate uploaded to the Bitchfight boxers album 8 in the yahoo group . the way she poses and the manner in the way she does it exudes power and style . a stong powerful woman willing to fight and to stake her claim a true Bitchfighter this set speaks a no shit attitude. her shiny black outfit and the black gloves  combine with a domineering set of poses to show this females style . her last fight against Bella was a corker and the rematch is coming very soon so enjoy these photos (all 36 of them ) there in bf boxers 8 album at  and all her fights are in the Bitchfight store at . thankyou and enjoy xx

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

catfight : crystal lou vs krystal

two similar sounding names crystal lou and krystal and two very similar women with a desire to fight and win. this was the case when into Bitchfight walked these two ladies both wanting to fight and both on the up in there modelling careers . agreeing to fight topless crystal lou in virginal white thong and krystal in black thong they posed and faced off and then went at it like a battle between good and evil  after both bragging about how they had fights in the past it was clear they werent lying and proceeded to mark each others bodies with heavy slapsin a great topless fight . the photos for this fight can be found in the group  and the fight is available to download in the Bitchfight store so go along and take a look at . thanks . the Bitchfight team xx

Monday, 9 January 2017

drucilla in shiny black

well what a splash drucilla made on her comeback in 2016 to Bitchfight uk . out of the catfight wilderness she came and allthough originally going to restart her fight career with a grudge fight against roxy she ended up in a wild brawl with new fighter Bella after roxy withdrew her challenge and judging by this unseen set of photos you can see why roxy had second thoughts . Drucilla is a powerfuland strong catfighter and her shiny black pvc outfit only enhances her powerful fighting body and beautiful body art pure woman and pure Brutal thats drucilla . ive uploaded this set to her folder at  and Drucillas catfights are in the Bitchfight uk download store so check them out at .have a great week . the Bitchfight team xx

catfight art : stacy vs alice

it seems like ime posting a lot of catfight art at the moment and youd be right lol theres just so much at the moment and its great quality it would be a shame not to show it . this collection is entitled stacy vs alice and it depicts a  private cage fight at a gentlemens club between fighteres stacy in red stilettos and micro swimsuit and alice inblue stilettos and blue micro bikini . evenly matched these two beauties fight it out in front of men to see whos the better woman and the artist has got it spot on. ime adding these to the catfight folder at  and as always all the fights can be found in the Bitchfight store at  . enjoy xx

Friday, 6 January 2017

roxy in pink

heres a couple from another set that should have gone up before christmas roxy in her pink bikini take before her oil fight with sienna and she looks great a real woman with curves. with the christmas period being so busy for me i just never got around to squeezing these snaps of catfight roxy flexing and posing minutes before her wild catfight so anyway heres a few from it and the full set can be found in her folder at and they dont dissapoint . this second fight of hers is now sitting at the top of the pile in the Bitchfight download store so please visit and support at . thankls and enjoy 💖💖