Wednesday, 19 October 2016

second major set of photos from Bella vs Drucilla uploaded

 this catfight is a hell of a brawl between two hungry females who crave fight success and the second set of action photos weve uploaded show that . on the day drucilla was meant to be fighting another female roxy who didnt show luckily bella was here and was willing to challenge drucilla even though there was a size difference it was a real david v goliath battle . from the word go both ladies went at it in a wild hairpulling frenzy with heavy slaps thrown in a real catfight between two ladies . chesck out the second set of photos which have now been uploaded to  and the fight is in the Bitchfight store to download at . thanks for all your support and dont let people take Bitchfight down please keep supporting xx

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

New catfighter : Harmony

theres always that air of excitement when a new catfighter comes to town that excitement intesifies when they contact you expressing a wish to fight and this is the case with new catfighter harmony . after speaking to her on the phone and hearing her enthusiasm to fight we simply couldnt deny this fighter a debut here at Bitchfight uk . in her early 30,s and weighing 65 kg this 5ft5 lady is going to be a great addition to the Bitchfight team and were hoping to have her here in november to fight so keep your eye on the store guys at  and her first set of  photos are now in the group . thanks . the Bitchfight team xx

Sunday, 16 October 2016


the world stopped turning when this title fight took place at Bitchfight uk . its was the one that saw electra go up against cee cee . a topless fight was decided and it was in the barn at the farm . haybales were strewn around for protection as everyone knew this was to be a violent and brutal brawl . from the word go they went at each other with nietherfemale holding back. the story of this catfight has been told over and over again . check out the photos at  and the fight to download at  . thanks. the Bitchfight team xx

Saturday, 15 October 2016

natalie vs kerry : Bitchfight uk

its been a while since ive seen these shots . its of a catfight between a young natalie and a young kerry from a catfight filmed for Bitchfight uk some time ago . the film was commisioned by someone to be fought out in his front room and both ladies turned up on the day along with a camera man and fought it out . the fight was also released at Bitchfight and can be found in the store at  and if you want to check out the photo set that in  . thanks  the Bitchfight team xx

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Bitchfight uk on the web

theres been so many new releases the past few months and still many more to come and once again its that time were we advertise were we can be found on the internet the place for bitchfight followers and fight fans.bitchfight uk is a leading catfight company and the united kingdom produces some of the best catfights between real females . ok so first of all lets start with the bitchfight yahoo groups which contain thousands of photos of the fights and the fighters  then theres our twitter feed a popular page thats growing fast for all catfigh fans from around the world our official facebook page is at so please if you have facebook please go and like the page and even share it to your timeline . the more followers we get the better. ok next up is the place were you can download over 200 catfights and help support the buisness the download store at . and last of all the main page itself . thanks xx

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Bella in gloves

Wow !!! thats how best describes this spunky catfighter yes its the deadly but adorable catfighter bella . shes arrived on the scene here at Bitchfight and totally lit it up. her first catfight here wasnt an ideal match up but she took it in her stride and accepted the challenge. shes a natural born fighter who gets a buzz from a fight and has a built in competitive nature . no one expected her to fight drucilla but she did and handled herself admirably . these photos of bella were taken before that fight were she happily posed in the gloves and they certainly dont look out of place on her hands . check out the full set at  and this david vs goliath catfight is riding high in the Bitchfight store at  . enjoy and thanks for your support  the Bitchfight uk team xx